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.NET Reflector replacement that's free - ILSpy

This is a replacement for .NET Reflector (which has been owned by RedGate since 2011... boooo...) ILSpy requires the .NET Framework 4.0.

Xamarin Forms - InitializeComponent does not exist in the current context

I was presented with this error whilst developing with Xamarin Forms For me it was simply down to copy and paste :-O.  I'd created a new Xaml Page, which fully qualified was MyNameSpace.MyPage. I then copied in some Xaml which had a different name in the Xaml x:Class attribute (x:Class="NotMyNameSpace.OrPage"). I then tried to compile with our fixing the x:Class attribute and got the 'InitializeComponent does not exist' error. Once I changed the Xaml to match my actual classname (x:Class="MyNameSpace.MyPage") I was back on track and the error went away. Hope this helps. For more information have a look at The other reason is that you may have created a Shared Xamarin Forms Project rather than a Xamarin Forms Portable project. From Craig Dunn at Xamarin (taken from  Xamarin Forms Forum ) You cannot use Xaml with the Shared Project template with iOS apps (in Xamarin Studio). It's a weird combination to rem

Xamarin Forms - XamlParseException: No embeddedresources found

When developing with Xamarin Forms you may get the exception below when using Xaml XamlParseException: No embeddedresources found This is a known bug and for now a work around is to save the Xaml file before running/building. Have a look at this for more info: